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Dining Out: Clipper Cafe, Glebe

Yesterday, I had a maths quiz that didn’t go down too well so I decided in the following hour that I’d go down to Glebe and treat myself to some cakes at La Banette Patisserie which had been in my to-try list for quite some time now. While walking there, I noticed Clipper Cafe with its cute stools and benches and took a little peek at their quirky interior and knew I had to come back soon for brunch. Well, that ‘soon’ merely ended up being the next day, with two girlfriends- my regular partners in crime who I knew I could count on- A and J, who *thankfully* (gladly) obliged to miss their lectures at uni just to be in my presence eat. Thanks guys:)So here are some snaps of our visit.
Given that we went on a very wet, early weekday, there was no wait and many tables were available. Once you walk through the front doors, you’re bound to be greeted by one of the friendly staffs and also be amazed at the cute little details and decorations around the cafe, perhaps the two real sized bicycles hung up on the wall. Menus were given promptly and so we started taking our time choosing…

Being the avid juice drinkers they appear to be, A and J both got juices for their drinks. I decided to just sip on some the free tap water haha. The juices were both very refreshing, not overly sweet, and thankfully not all that gingery.

‘Detox’ $5 //
Combination of apple, carrot, orange and ginger. 
‘Refresh’ $5 //
Combination of watermelon, lemon and ginger.
On to the food, A got the panini, J got the poached eggs and my very first baked eggs for me. 
Toasted Chicken Panini w/ tomato, mixed leaves and mild chilli mayo, $9 //
Clipper Baked Eggs w/ spanish chorizo and herb toast, $12 //
Mmmmmmm. The perfect bite. And I had around twenty so are you jealous yet?
Poached Eggs & Prosciutto w/ tomato relish, roasted tomato and pecorino cheese, $12 //

After months of pinning countless ‘baked eggs’ pins on Pinterest, I’ve finally tried my first baked eggs. And I loooved the ones from Clipper Cafe despite not having anything to compare it to. It’s the perfect comfort food during the chiller days. Lots of rich, hearty, chunky, well seasoned sauce means you’ll never run out of the stuff to soak your toast in. The chorizo was a great addition and so were the wilted greens, though I wouldn’t say no for more of the latter. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the yolks still a little soft, I can’t wait to have these again. At first, it may seem like you have too little bread for the amount of baked eggs you get but it really is very filling, so I’m sure you won’t complain once you have it. The two friends also seemed to have enjoyed what they chose very much which is goood.

Overall, food was beyond great, the ambience fun and very laid back (a plus!), staff were efficient and very friendly, amazing value, generous portion sizes and lovely, unpretentious presentation means it’s on my list of faves now. There’s definitely a whole lot more in the menu for me to try out.

 Cold, wet days call for perfect baked eggs for sure. 

After all that, we still went to La Banette for dessert. Ah, the convenience of just having to walk 10 steps to get there… Review on the patisserie will be revealed very soon (and it’s a goodie too) so stay tuned. x

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