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Dining Out: The Pie Tin & Newtown Thai

I can finally say I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and tried out The Pie Tin! – one of the most hyped about cheap/good value eats that has been dwelling impatiently right on top of my to-go list. Right to the point: is it worth the hype? I believe so and I have reasons too! Portion sizes are definitely huge, no measly bits of meat in the pies like the frozen kind, each pie is LOADED with whatever they claim it’s filled with like a never ending inception-kind of meat game you have to fork your way through. The Pie Tin’s not in the main King St, but it is easy to find- just turn in the 7/11 corner to Brown St, turn right and voila, pie haven awaits. Let’s have an interactive welcome shall we? So when you walk in you’ll see this.
Look to the left and you’ll see this:

Anddd to the right, a friend took some of the photos for this post because she had an slr while I had a pretty crappy point and shoot. Look at the pretty light rays:):
And of course, after examining your surroundings, your eyes would naturally revert back to the display of pies as your feet also drifts towards the counter. Zooooming in. 

I’ve heard many great things about this pork and apple pie so I decided it can be my special pie to mark my first visit out of many to come… For the sides, I got some baked beans and coleslaw though the kumera chips really tempted me!

Slow roasted shredded pork with apple & bbq sauce with 2 sides, $12
The pork was incredibly tender and they were very generous with the fillings. However, I think it lacked some flavour/sauce, more bbq sauce perhaps? The apple/cinnamony flavour was a little too subtle for me but that’s only because I love the sweet/salty combo so it might not be for everyone. But the baked beans- woahh they were good. Cooked in a rich tomato sauce and chunks of fatty bacon specks- it’s ultimate comfort food. The coleslaw was commendable for being what a coleslaw should be- nothing fancy but hits all the right spots. 

The aftermath. No one was really into the sharing stuff because we were just concentrating on stuffing ourselves with the goodness we ordered ourselves. I demolished my WHOLE pie except a little bit of crust. 
No one really had room for dessert pies, so I thought I better wait for another day to try them eh? Well, no one could’ve guessed that the day would come so shortly- a mere 4 days later, I went for a round 2 of Pie Tin just for dessert with another group of friends. For lunch, we opted for Newtown Thai who have $7 Lunch Specials. Gosh, I love Newtown…

Chicken Pad See Ew, $7 (lunch special)
You just can’t go wrong with these. Sweet soy rice noodles with specks of scrambled eggs, chicken and veggies. Chicken was a little dry and overcooked, but minor details for a $7 meal, right?
Chicken Green Curry with Steamed Rice, $7 (Lunch Special)
Thick, flavoursome curry with an assortment of veggies (beans, carrots, bamboo shoots, zucchini etc) and tender chicken. I’m more of a massaman curry kind of girl but this was pretty good I must agree.
Beef Massaman Curry with Steamed Rice, $14 (wasn’t part of the lunch special)
Soft potatoes and onions, slow cooked tender meat and nuts in a thick sweet/salty curry sauce. There were 6 pretty big chunks of meat, so the portion was really big if it was for one person. So good, enough said.
Newtown Thai on Urbanspoon
And for the grand finale, I suggested that we go to the Pie Tin for dessert. We were so full after thai, we decided getting 2 pies to share amongst the three of us would be enough. That was the plan, but it all went down the drain and everyone just completely forgot what we had said about 2 pies when we were confronted with the dessert pie cabinet (all sweet pies ranged from $7.50-$10.50) … Ah yes, we got 3 pies for 3 girls who already had 3 mains of thai 10 minutes ago. And did I mention it’s the same 2 friends that went to Miss Chu together with me last week? We are not forming healthy habits here… 

Coconut Cream Pie
SO, SO good. I’m having a sort of affair with coconut goods lately… Sweet, un-soggy pastry crust topped with coconut specked custard, all under a thick blanket of whipped cream and more coconut shavings. I think a little less cream and more custard would be good though- it wasn’t sweet enough for me! Heh. 

Gooey Caramel and Choc Ganache Pie
 This could potentially be good if we weren’t that full to begin with. It was just a little too rich for my liking and I’m not a BIG fan of fudgy, over the top dense chocolate with such thick layer of caramel. It’s still good though, very indulgent. I love the chocolate pastry crust though! 

Belgian Chocolate Mud Pie w/ Kahlua Coffee Cream
I really liked this one too, it was like a cross between a brownie and a dense chocolate mud cake topped with some coffee whipped cream. Could use a little more coffee/kahlua flavour though! 

I think the reason why The Pie Tin has been so popular is due to their sheer range of pies, both savoury and indulgent sweet ones that tempt people into coming back to try new flavours each visit. I’m definitely going back for more, with more friends so we can try more of the pies, especially their sweet ones!

The Pie Tin on Urbanspoon
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April 25, 2013 - 11:27 am

Megan - irene the pie tin sounds so good! jamie and i definitely want to go one day, was it crowded during lunch?

April 25, 2013 - 11:39 am

Irene { a swoonful of sugar} - It is goood! It can get crowded fast but then again, it’s a quick food stop so people come and go fairly quickly. Miss pass next week and we can go :)

April 26, 2013 - 7:02 pm

Kelly Huynh - oh Irene I know you said the gooey caramel and choc ganache pie was too rich but here I am wishing so much that I could try some…thank you for liking my facebook page and I’m most definitely up for lunch/dinner sometime at wherever takes your fancy – I hear Soda Factory does a Pulp Fiction themed diner style menu on Wednesdays or check out my never-ending wishlist on urbanspoon

Hope to dine with you soon XD

April 27, 2013 - 11:41 pm

annie - i seriously gotta check The Pie Tin soon especially for that shredded pork pie and the many dessert pies. too much to choose from!

April 29, 2013 - 8:50 pm

Irene { a swoonful of sugar} - YES I’m so keen :) I must admit I didn’t know about Pulp Fiction until I googled it. Shame on me :( BI want to try the chicken wings from milk bar by cafe ish or chef’s gallery has also been lingering on my to-go list. I’ll keep in touch with you sometime soon! Yay! x

April 29, 2013 - 8:50 pm

Irene { a swoonful of sugar} - Just make sure you bring heaps of friends so you can share them pies around and have a taste of more varieties ;)

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